• We see the workplace as a platform to reach one’s full potential as a human being.
• Our culture equally emphasizes personal growth and performance growth.
• We deliberately and relentlessly use the workplace for interpersonal development and self-actualization.


We believe in creating an environment where people are radically changed (for the better) by interacting with us – by being one of us, by hiring us, by partnering with us, or by being one of our residents.


• our leaders are vulnerable
• we don’t tolerate gossip
• we get to the root of all issues
• we challenge the hell out of our assumptions, biases, and beliefs

We co-create our culture every day through deliberate practices including regular town halls and process groups; continually available individual and group performance coaching sessions; culture audits; embedded feedback mechanisms; personal growth and communication training; peak performance emphasis and challenges. All organized around a relentless belief in psychological safety and equity regarding sharing of ideas, experiences and needs.

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